1870 CC – 1893 Carson City Type Coin set in Capital Plastic holder Various Grades

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  • Coin Set Highlights: All pieces are raw in original Capital plastic set 1876-CC Seated Dime in XF 1875-CC Twenty Cent piece in VG details (light cleaning) 1877-CC Seated Quarter in XF 1875-CC Seated Half Dollar in VG 1870-CC Seated Dollar in Fine 1875-CC Trade Dollar in VF 1891-CC Morgan Dollar in VF 1890-CC $20 Liberty Double Eagle in AU details (cleaned) 1891-CC $10 Liberty in AU 1891-CC $5 Liberty in BU These sets are very difficult to build and very rare to find.
  • This is a very unique display to showcase your Carson City type set!Get your Capital Holdered Carson City type set Today!.

Details: This is a 10 coin set with every denomination from the Carson City mint in an original Carson City Capital plastic screw down holder.