Cosmic Girl – a ‘Cosmic Mexican Masterpiece’ by Jack Armstrong and Jaime Carbo


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Cosmic Girl - a ‘Cosmic Mexican Masterpiece’ by Jack Armstrong and Jaime Carbo


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“Cosmic Girl”

American artist Jack Armstrong personally knew and collaborated with iconic Pop Artist Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Jack personally told me that one of the proudest moments in his life, was being named “The Last Wizard of Art” by Warhol himself. Jack’s artwork and paintings are amazing and prices continue to rise. Plus, Armstrong holds the world record for the most expensive motorcycle (Harley Davidson), cowboy boots and bicycle.

Jaime Carbo is very famous in Mexico.  His many hand painted murals can be found all over Mexico.  In fact, Carbo has created artwork for the government in Athens, Greece.  Plus, he’s done statues in both China and Mexico.

With Armstrong’s art prices beginning at $10 million today, the unique collaboration with Jaime Carbo allows one to own an Armstrong “Cosmic X” painting for a much smaller price.  In addition, this will catapult Carbo’s own work into the million dollar plus level, per piece. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

Jack Armstrong collaborated with his favorite modern painter in Mexico.  He states, “Carbo is a modern Mexican Cosmic Art Master. His work is unlike any other and will be in museums worldwide, in the near future. In Mexican Art, he is at a level all his own, with no peers, in sight.  He can only be explained as this centuries Tamayo.”

Armstrong personally owns 19 paintings by Jaime Carbo. He conceived, commissioned and painted on two of them. “Revolution and “Cosmic Girl.”

This painting was commissioned, co-painted and signed by Jack in gold paint on the back of the canvas.  The brilliant piece of art measures 40 x 40 inches and is acrylic on canvas. “Cosmic Girl” is spectacular and jumps quite literally off of the canvas. Any owner of this colorful and visually stunning painting would be proud.

You can read the interview with Jaime Carbo in “Art & Museum Magazine UK” – Autumn 2018 edition (pg 45-46).  Both this article and the one below with Jack Armstrong, was written by Derek Cully. He discovered Damien Hirst and gave him his first two exhibitions in London.
Art & Museum Magazine

Jack states, “I commissioned both works 7 years ago for my private collection and collaborated with Carbo on both paintings.  I am proud to be associated with a modern master of motion, light, & cosmic energy.  He understands that everything I believe in my “Cosmic X” Philosophy, he also believes, & incorporates into his magical work, with color exploding off his canvases.”

According to Jack, it reminds him of a cosmic “LICHTENSTEIN” painting, along with the “COSMIC X POINTALISM” backgrounds created by Jack.

Jack Armstrong states, “We are the creators of our own future. By worshipping love, we spread the Immortal light of it’s creation into each dimension & paradigm that we choose.”

The Life of Luxury is a concierge company and authorized to sell Jack Armstrong’s remaining, personal art collection.  Mr. Armstrong will arrange pick-up or delivery, once payment has been made.