Onyx and Diamond Rhodium-Plated 14k White Gold Cuff Links (1/8 Ctw, Color G-H, Clarity I1)



Brand: The Men’s Jewelry Store


  • Bezel-Set Onyx Surrounded by Fifty Hand-Set Diamonds Layered with Milgrain Edging and Round Polished Edges; the Toggle Back Cuff Links are Crafted in Polished Rhodium-Plated 14k White Gold
  • Round Onyx and Diamond Cuff Links Measure .47 Inches in Diameter and .15 Inches Thick
  • Round Cuff Links Measure 11.97 Millimeters in Diameter and 3.89 Millimeters Thick
  • The Gold Used to Craft this is Earth Friendly; Made with Refined Karats System Certified by Scientific Certification Systems; Made in the USA; semi-polished in 14K White Gold
  • Hand-Finished Cuff Links are Made to Order Especially for You; Ships in Approx. 14 Business Days

Details: “Through darkness diamonds spread their richest light.” -John Webster

These gorgeous cuff links do the F words well: fabulously fashion forward with the lines of a favorite classic. The diamond is a perfect expression; reflecting rarity, brilliance and breathtaking fire of a gem which survived a journey of billions of years. Symbol of devotion, honor and strength, the elegance of a diamond makes it perfect for life’s important occasions.

The velvety black of Onyx makes an unmistakable statement of power and sophistication. Carved in the image of Mars, the God of War, Onyx was reputed to give courage to Roman soldiers. It is the February birthstone, December mystical stone, Leo and Gemini gem, the 7th and 10th anniversary stone. Due to the natural state of the stones, each may differ slightly in color, size and inclusions.

Rhodium is hypoallergenic; it is a liquid metal extracted from platinum after being pulled from the mine. Rhodium plating makes a hard, smooth finish, creating a gorgeous white on gold giving it a very deep shine and is hypoallergenic

Optimistic and positive, gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated; it represents perfection in all things. This is earth friendly as it is made with the Refined Karats system certified by Scientific Certification Systems’ (SCS) strict requirements. This is proudly made in America with a green process of ethically, environmentally and socially responsible production processes of water, waste and energy management; this is from 100 percent recycled Karats.

The rising price of gold makes this, quite simply, a great investment all around.

FOOTNOTES: Made to Order Especially for You; Crafted in Approx. 14 Business Days
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