Very Rare Antique Islamic Coin


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Very Rare Antique Islamic Coin

Very Rare Antique Islamic Coin


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Very Rare Antique Islamic Coin
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Product Description

One of the oldest Islamic currency of Al Madina Munawara on this world. This coin is very precious especially for Muslims and it is very rare in this world. This coin is more than 1400 year old and this coin was used for the trade and buying or selling of products during time of Sahaba Karam..This unique coin of Madina was used in the Khalafat of Hazarat Abu Bakar saddique.


Kalma Mubrik is written clearly on one side of coin along with names of Khulafa-e- Rashideen in Arabic language. On other side of coin there is picture of Al Masjid-e- Nabwi and word “Madina” in embossed form.


Features and Benefits of this coin:

1) More than 1400 years old coin

2) This coin was used as currency during the earliest stage of arrival of Islam. It was used during the time of Khulafa-e-Rashideen.

3) Master piece of ancient Islamic art and calligraphy.

4) This coin is lucky coin containing blessings and barakat of Allah which I really feel always whenever it remains with me.

5) One of the most precious and very rare coin on this world.

6) This coin belongs to Holy land of Madina

7) Only Muslims can realize the importance and worth of this coin.

I have a rare islamic coin which is more than 1450 years old. You can clearly see “13 Hijri” word on coin. There is Kalma on it and also 4 Khulfas Names. I Want to sale it, but only people who can pay sufficient amount for this precious thing

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Antique Islamic Coin

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United Arab Emirates

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Art & Collectible

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