Yu-Gi-Oh LOB complet collection card of 116 rare and extremely rare 1st édition!


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Yu-Gi-Oh LOB complet collection card of 116 rare and extremely rare 1st édition!

Yu-Gi-Oh LOB complet collection card of 116 rare and extremely rare 1st édition!


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Yu-Gi-Oh LOB complet collection card of 116 rare and extremely rare 1st édition!
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Sell the collection LOB with : 125 card but 9 missed

so you buy 116 card with 98 first édition!!!!!

      1er edition
LOB-000 Secret Rare Tri-Horned Dragon missed
LOB-001 Ultra Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon no
LOB-002 Commune Hitotsu-Me Giant yes
LOB-003 Super Rare Flame Swordsman no
LOB-004 Commune Skull Servant no
LOB-005 Ultra Rare Dark Magician yes
LOB-006 Ultra Rare Gaia the Fierce Knight no
LOB-007 Super Rare Celtic Guardian yes
LOB-008 Commune Basic Insect yes
LOB-009 Commune Mammoth Graveyard yes
LOB-010 Commune Silver Fang yes
LOB-011 Commune Dark Grey yes
LOB-012 Commune Trial of Nightmare yes
LOB-013 Commune Nemuriko yes
LOB-014 Commune The 13th Grave yes
LOB-015 Rare Charubin the Fire Knight yes
LOB-016 Commune Flame Manipulator yes
LOB-017 Commune Monster Egg yes
LOB-018 Commune Firegrass yes
LOB-019 Rare Darkfire Dragon yes
LOB-020 Commune Dark King of the Abyss yes
LOB-021 Commune Fiend Reflection #2 yes
LOB-022 Rare Fusionist yes
LOB-023 Commune Turtle Tiger yes
LOB-024 Commune Petit Dragon yes
LOB-025 Commune Petit Angel yes
LOB-026 Commune Hinotama Soul no
LOB-027 Rare Aqua Madoor yes
LOB-028 Commune Kagemusha of the Blue Flame yes
LOB-029 Rare Flame Ghost no
LOB-030 Commune Two-Mouth Darkruler yes
LOB-031 Commune Dissolverock yes
LOB-032 Commune Root Water yes
LOB-033 Commune The Furious Sea King yes
LOB-034 Commune Green Phantom King yes
LOB-035 Commune Ray & Temperature yes
LOB-036 Commune King Fog yes
LOB-037 Commune Mystical Sheep #2 yes
LOB-038 Commune Masaki the Legendary Swordsman yes
LOB-039 Commune Kurama yes
LOB-040 Commune Legendary Sword yes
LOB-041 Commune Beast Fangs yes
LOB-042 Commune Violet Crystal yes
LOB-043 Commune Book of Secret Arts yes
LOB-044 Commune Power of Kaishin yes
LOB-045 Rare Dragon Capture Jar yes
LOB-046 Commune Forest yes
LOB-047 Commune Wasteland yes
LOB-048 Commune Mountain yes
LOB-049 Commune Sogen yes
LOB-050 Commune Umi no
LOB-051 Commune Yami yes
LOB-052 Super Rare Dark Hole no
LOB-053 Super Rare Raigeki missed
LOB-054 Commune Red Medicine yes
LOB-055 Commune Sparks yes
LOB-056 Commune Hinotama no
LOB-057 Rare Fissure no
LOB-058 Super Rare Trap Hole yes
LOB-059 Super Rare Polymerization yes
LOB-060 Commune Remove Trap yes
LOB-061 Rare Two-Pronged Attack yes
LOB-062 Super Rare Mystical Elf yes
LOB-063 Commune Tyhone yes
LOB-064 Commune Beaver Warrior yes
LOB-065 Rare Gravedigger Ghoul yes
LOB-066 Super Rare Curse of Dragon yes
LOB-067 Rare Karbonala Warrior yes
LOB-068 Rare Giant Soldier of Stone yes
LOB-069 Commune Uraby yes
LOB-070 Ultra Rare Red-Eyes B. Dragon no
LOB-071 Rare Reaper of the Cards yes
LOB-072 Commune Witty Phantom yes
LOB-073 Commune Larvas no
LOB-074 Commune Hard Armor yes
LOB-075 Commune Man Eater yes
LOB-076 Commune M-Warrior #1 yes
LOB-077 Commune M-Warrior #2 yes
LOB-078 Rare Spirit of the Harp missed
LOB-079 Commune Armaill yes
LOB-080 Commune Terra the Terrible yes
LOB-081 Commune Frenzied Panda yes
LOB-082 Commune Kumootoko yes
LOB-083 Commune Meda Bat yes
LOB-084 Commune Enchanting Mermaid yes
LOB-085 Commune Fireyarou yes
LOB-086 Rare Dragoness the Wicked Knight yes
LOB-087 Commune One-Eyed Shield Dragon yes
LOB-088 Commune Dark Energy yes
LOB-089 Commune Laser Cannon Armor yes
LOB-090 Commune Vile Germs yes
LOB-091 Commune Silver Bow and Arrow yes
LOB-092 Commune Dragon Treasure yes
LOB-093 Commune Electro-Whip yes
LOB-094 Commune Mystical Moon no
LOB-095 Rare Stop Defense yes
LOB-096 Commune Machine Conversion Factory yes
LOB-097 Commune Raise Body Heat yes
LOB-098 Commune Follow Wind yes
LOB-099 Rare Goblin’s Secret Remedy yes
LOB-100 Rare Final Flame no
LOB-101 Super Rare Swords of Revealing Light yes
LOB-102 Rare Metal Dragon yes
LOB-103 Commune Spike Seadra yes
LOB-104 Commune Tripwire Beast yes
LOB-105 Commune Skull Red Bird no
LOB-106 Rare Armed Ninja no
LOB-107 Rare Flower Wolf yes
LOB-108 Super Rare Man-Eater Bug no
LOB-109 Commune Sand Stone yes
LOB-110 Rare Hane-Hane missed
LOB-111 Commune Misairuzame yes
LOB-112 Commune Steel Ogre Grotto #1 yes
LOB-113 Commune Lesser Dragon yes
LOB-114 Commune Darkworld Thorns yes
LOB-115 Commune Drooling Lizard yes
LOB-116 Commune Armored Starfish yes
LOB-117 Commune Succubus Knight no
LOB-118 Ultra Rare Monster Reborn no
LOB-119 Rare Pot of Greed yes
LOB-120 Ultra Rare Right Leg of the Forbidden One missed
LOB-121 Ultra Rare Left Leg of the Forbidden One missed
LOB-122 Ultra Rare Right Arm of the Forbidden One yes
LOB-123 Ultra Rare Left Arm of the Forbidden One missed
LOB-124 Ultra Rare Exodia the Forbidden One missed
LOB-125 Secret Rare Gaia the Dragon Champion missed

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