I am looking to buy my first Rolex soon, and am struggling with even understanding why I want one.

I bought a $500 watch when I graduated college, and it seemed cool in the moment but quickly vanished as I didn’t really care about the watch – only that I had been able to afford it with relative ease.

Now I’m looking at a $50k Rolex, which is as much as my car and I’m definitely not at the “$50k is meaningless” level of wealth.

All I know is that it’s gorgeous, and I feel like looking down at it will bring me joy.

I don’t care to show off or impress people, but I guess I feel like buying it does send a certain signal – more to myself than anyone else, that I appreciate and deserve nice things.

Other than just enjoying them, why wear a Rolex? Does it make you feel a certain way, like more confident? What signal do you think it sends to other people?

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