I'd love to hear perspectives on this.

My father had a 1970s Pepsi, which was lost to the winds of time. The last time I saw it was in the mid 1980s and I have no idea what reference it was. I currently have a 2018 'black black black,' purchased full set and unworn, which of course has now been discontinued.

While I'm more than happy with the one I have, I'm still interested in acquiring a full-set unworn Pepsi. This would be part of a project of reconstructing his collection with present-day equivalents.

I don't have a record with authorised dealers to purchase a Pepsi at MSRP (even if they stocked them) and I see that its price has pulled back a little on the secondary market. Meanwhile the selling price of the triple black has ticked up a little.

How much do I want the Pepsi? I'd definitely like to have one, but I can't currently envisage having two Rolex GMT-Master IIs (my collecting project is about spread across several brands rather than depth in just one.) So, what to do? Should I sell my 116710LN to make way for an unworn full set 126710BLRO? Or should I stick with what I have, which is by any measure a marvellous watch and one that in the future history of the GMT-Masters may be seen as anomalous.

Or, let's face it, are these questions just a self-indulgent First World Problem that I shouldn't post at all?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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