People make decisions based on emotion and then justify the choice they’ve made with logic. This becomes even more significant when you are selling something that isn’t a primary need like food, water, clothing, and shelter.

Most marketers are not selling basic needs products. They sometimes talk about their product like it is an essential item, but the truth is, it is not. They are selling a want and not a need – and wants are emotional.

The reason people buy Rolex watches and BMW cars isn’t because of quality of the craftsmanship or the artistry of the design. Is a BMW really that much different from a Lexus? Does a Rolex watch tell time better than a Timex watch? The truth is, no.

People buy expensive and exclusive products because they impress others and make them feel rich or successful. The logical stuff explanations come when they try to convince themselves that it really is worth the extra money to buy what they want.

You can take advantage of this tendency for people to make purchasing decisions based on emotion by focusing your sales message on how your product will make your customer feel. Write about the results your customers will get from purchasing and using your product. Paint a vivid picture for how your product will that change their lives? Will it impress others? Will it distinguish them from  other people? Will it elevate their status in the community?

The best way to tap into people’s emotions is to tell them a compelling story. So start your sales message with a little storytelling to set the emotional hook.

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