I've been doing a lot of research into Rolex watches and I think I would love to get a Submariner model. However, spending near 10 grand on a timepiece isn't completely sane to me at the moment. Are there solid mechanical diving watches that are more in the 100-1000 range? Does that compromise quality too much? What would be the minimum model/price I would be looking at? Or should I just skip the risk associated with lesser known brands and plan for the time-tested Rolex?

What I want from the watch:
– I want to be able to use it everyday and for formal occasions.
– I want a mechanical/automatic watch – no battery.
– I want to be able to swim, snorkel, and free dive with it without worrying about water leaks.
– Preferably want it to come with an tool-less adjustable link (i.e. Rolex's Glidelock/Easylink).

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