Hello /r/rolex,

I recently treated myself to a 16220 on an oyster bracelet, and I love it. Well, I love almost all of it… The hollow end links rattle and become loose over time. I know rattly bracelets are part and parcel for Rolex bracelets of that era, but I wanted to see if there are any aftermarket solid (female) end links that can replace the hollow end links. I am not looking for a replacement bracelet, but rather replacement end links that will fit the case snugly and not rattle, allowing me to use the existing oyster bracelet.

Has anyone done this before? I have 'adjusted' the hollow end links to make them fit tighter, but over time one side will get loose and start rattling again. This is my first post in this sub, and posting about my first Rolex, it's a good feeling 🙂 Thanks in advance and feel free to ask any questions.


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