Watches are an important part of our wardrobes. Today, watches have become an important fashion accessory. Seiko, keeping the use of the watch in focus and as a core product, have introduced watches of different styles. Seiko is a leading Japan-based, watch-making company that has been producing best watches since 1881.

Through the years, Seiko has developed its repute as a brand committed to perfection, when it comes to watch making. In 1924, the company started producing watches under the brand name Seiko, which was previously Seikosha. It was founded more than hundred years ago by Kintara Hattori. Since then, the company has been highly praised for its craftsmanship and accuracy. By 1938, Seiko became a booming successful company, and with time, its demand grew over millions all over the world.

Seiko is now a leader in the watch making market and is available in more than sixty countries worldwide. Seiko has gained this success and popularity because of its innovation lead goals. It is a manufacturer of many of the first wrist watches of their kinds in the world. The famous innovations of the company include quartz watch, LCD quartz watch, analogue quartz, quartz chronograph and the breakthrough invention spring drive watches.

A major innovation that has completely changed the status of the company and made it matchless, when it comes to watch technology, is spring drive watches. Seiko Ananta is an exclusive watch, one of the luxury timepieces with high grade and Spring Drive technology. The main feature, which has made it true to Japanese culture, is the use of Katana craftsmanship.

The artistry of Katana, used in Seiko Ananta, shows its commitment to perfection and the attention to detail in each watch. Katana is the art of sword-making, which was developed thousands of years ago, for Katana sword. Katana sword is very rare and unique. The sword is legendary as even the swords today are no match to it, when it comes to sword fighting, sword curve and sharpness.

A Katana sword is characterised by its single-sided, uniquely curved blade, which makes it to be used in a single accurate motion. The sharpness of the sword requires it to be made from special steel and a particular forging technique. Its making process requires great skill and high technology. Because of its beauty and precision, Katana swords are still prized and valued.

Seiko has long been known for its precision and has used Katana as an inspiration for its Ananta watches. In Seiko Ananta, the hour markers and the arms of the watch are as sharp as the Katana sword. The theme, precision, quality, curve and sharpness all have been inspired from the Katana sword. The watches have been given an amazing finish and are as flat and smooth as a Katana sword. Even the rotor in the watch pays homage to hand-guard on a Katana sword

The use of Katana artistry has made the Seiko Ananta a timeless watch. The Seiko Ananta watch is truly a luxury timepiece and one of its kinds.

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