Boeing has unveiled their longest line of VVIP business jets to date a few weeks ago at the central Aviation Association Show in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates – The largest new private jet; the BBJ 777x.

Boeing 777x

Boeing introduced the BBJ 777x with a trio of interior Design concepts from green point Technologies, Aviation and Unique Aircraft Design .

Boeing’s commercial airliners have been turning into lush private Jets for the world’s wealthy elite since 1996 . Boeing says that BBJ 777x is the longest distance private jet ever made, which means that flights from Sydney to London or Seattle are possible .

777x Interior, Cinema Configuration

The concepts for cabins were created by Green Point Technologies, Jet Aviation and Unique Aircraft designs . Matt Aston, vice president of the total sales in the field of aircraft, said : ” We have incorporated forward-thinking concepts such as intelligent digital LED lighting throughout the cabin, as well as intelligent and intelligent glass technologies on all windows .

Greg Laxton, head of the Boeing Business Jets, said the company’s” exclusive customers” wanted to be able to fly to their destinations and do it in comfort .

Based on Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft, the BBJ MAX offers more than 3 times more space in the cabin than most of its competitors, a lower altitude and the ability to fly 7, 000nm ( 12, 964 km ) .

The new 777x carbon fibre wings are largest wings on any Boeing jet .

Jason Clark, vice president of 777-777x, points out the crucial hinge on Boeing 777x, allowing the 11-foot wing tip to bend when parked at the airport gate and lock in place before the flight .

In contrast to the fierce competition of the all-composite, slightly smaller Airbus a350-1000, Boeing relies on the 777-9x to maintain its dominance in the broad body jet category .

One of the reasons why the BBJ 777x jets can fly so far is that they will not be weighed by hundreds of passengers, luggage and cargo .

As expected, with a price tag in the hundreds of millions, Boeing does not sell many of these planes with only 261 orders on the books so far.

Boeing’s Business Jets have launched three concepts for interior design for the VIP version of the largest and longest-range twin engine .

Boeing offers customers a wide range of products that can be individually tailored to the private, Business or government sectors .

Boeing’s product line includes BBJ MAX’s family and high-performance versions of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner and 747-8 Jumbo Jets .

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