There is controversy regarding whether just which luxury vehicle tops the auto list for the year. Thousands of interviews and reviews are conducted on various brands ranginng from the BMW to the Lexus to the Jaguar. All these are superb cars with a solid worldwide fan base. In recent years, car technology has levelled the playing field with other lesser luxury vehicles joining the fray. But one brand that has consistently delivered outstanding results and value is the BMW Series 7. It is available in both new and used and some have branded it the ultimate of the ultimate driving machine. Let us see why.

The classy BMW Series 7 is the crowning pierce of art for the German-based manufacturer. It spots an intricate but serious look with a slightly heavier frame than the Series 6. The designers also concentrated on aerodynamics geared to take into consideration the wind speed and other gravitational factors.

When it comes to performance, the Series 7 is a wonder. Boosting a V8 Turbo charge engine with a liquid cooling altenator, the car can accelerate from zero to 60 seconds is less than 10 seconds, almost as good as the best sports cars. The brakes are computerized 4 wheel equipped with ABS anti-lock system for maximum safety in the event that the car has to make an abrupt stop. The traction handling is controlled by the new DSC or dynamic stability control which ensures that the car is able to handle any kind of terrrain at high speeds.

The wheels are also equipped with dynamic brake system with aluminum.

The interior of the Series 7 is roomier than the 6 Series. The car comes with leather seats which are nicely equipped with child restraints. The front also has dual airbags which boast a dual threshold deployment system. Some models also come with side airbags.

When it comes to the dash, the car comes equipped with a standard state-of-the art Bose surround sound system crafted around the interior sound acoustics of the vehicle. The enables the car to move at high speeds and do do extremely quietly while at the same time delivering CD music sound that resembles that of a studio. The front panel also comes with a navigational system that is able to use GPS technology to guide the vehicle through any major city in the world.

The Series 7 can be purchased in any number of ways. One of the best ways is to visit a local BMW dealership. The Internet or the local yellow pages can unearth valuable information regarding the location of BMWs in your immediate locale. This is ideal because you want a place where you can actually examine the Series 7 manually and if possible be able to conduct a test drive.

EBay motors is also an extremely viable place to shop for a used BMW Series 7. This is because this has now become one of the most reliable sources of used luxury motor vehicles on the planet since eBay Motors is now one of the largest dealerships in the world.

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