I've got an opportunity to buy a 2021 41mm, smooth bezel, jubilee, white dial, roman numeral Datejust.

This would go for 10,400 CAD retail after tax. I would get it for 10k flat with the catch being: my friend would get the “spend” added to his account and not mine.

I do like the look of it, and I will wear it. I am not buying this purely as an investment as some people are these days, but I am weighing how much I like the watch against how much value it stands to lose. Meaning I don't like it enough to buy, if its a bad deal.

This is the cheapest one I saw on Chrono24 for reference:


This is my first Rolex and I am excited to wear it, but I'd like see what you guys think before I go and spend a good chunk of money.


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