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Which One Do You Like – Gucci Icon Bit Medium Boston Bag Or Gucci Icon Bit Medium Tote?

Shopping and Product Reviews: Fashion Style • Published: June 16, 2009

My dear Gucci aficionados, there is good news for you. Recently Gucci has come up with its new fall and winter collection. These handbags convey a hint of beauty and elegance greater that we have known or imagined, so they make me dazzled. Nevertheless, based on our economic capability and its practicability, we cannot purchase all of them. To choose one is a real hang-up. So today I will do something different. I will make a comparison between two new Gucci handbags to help you find out a perfect Gucci handbag for coming fall and winter.

Chanel Large Tote in Ultra Soft Lambskin

Shopping and Product Reviews: Fashion Style • Published: June 12, 2009

Warm sunshine and brilliant colors are naturally on the mind of designers for spring, and as the true signs of the times. The top fashion brand, Chanel, famous for its eternal classic white and black design has made some changes in this spring and summer collection.

The Summer is All About Coach – New Ali Hobo

Shopping and Product Reviews: Fashion Style • Published: June 12, 2009

If you are an aficionado of designer handbags but not rich enough, I would like to know whether you share the same obsession with me. The handbags from the top brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel etc. deeply fascinated me,

Chanel Large Tote Bag in Soft Grained Calfskin

Shopping and Product Reviews: Fashion Style • Published: June 10, 2009

As one of the international luxury goods company, Chanel represents one of the most exclusive, elitist and most expensive labels in the designer handbags category. Chanel has celebrity supporters who use its exclusive handbags. We often hear the news that the Hollywood super star …carried the Chanel bag. Its handbags are popular around Hollywood and famous celebrities like Denise Richards and Tori Spelling who are often shot with a Chanel bag.

Coach Parker Perforated Leather OP Art Shoulder Bag

Shopping and Product Reviews: Fashion Style • Published: June 8, 2009

Every spring/summer the prestigious luxury houses would release something new, something excited and unique. As one of most competitive American luxury brands, Coach is no exception. Recently Coach released the Parker collection displaying its new aesthetic as the bags are very ladylike and feminine. People once compared the Parker bags with persons dressed up for church on Easter Sunday – chic and colorful with a touch of understated glamour.

Coach Addison Patent Baby Bag, A Diaper Bag?

Shopping and Product Reviews: Fashion Style • Published: June 5, 2009

If you are a fashion aficionado, if you are pregnant, are you worrying that the days when you could get away with leaving the house with a teensy and stylish clutch may be over? You have to prepare the diaper, feeding-bottle, powdered milk and other things for the babies. You probably thought your days of the designer bag were lost in the delivery room in favor of more practical diaper carrying fare and you have to carry the ugly pastels or bear prints.

Chanel Quilted Lambskin Clutch With a Vintage Resin Pearl Clasp

Shopping and Product Reviews: Fashion Style • Published: June 4, 2009

People always criticize that the celebrities spend a great sum of money on the designer handbags, clothes, shoes and other luxuries. Nevertheless, I can understand them. As the focuses of people’s life, they had to pay more attention to their dressing as well as makeup. Their physical appearance may become the chat of the tea-table all over the country even the world.

Top One – Gucci Irina Medium Tote With Double Handles

Shopping and Product Reviews: Fashion Style • Published: May 17, 2009

When we mention the word “Irina”, what is your first impression? I bet you may think this will be an article about the super model Irina Lazareanu who is known for her quirky, vintage-inspired style and has developed the status of “official muse” to designers Nicolas Ghesquiere and Karl Lagerfeld. If you bear this idea, you are definitely wrong.

Top 10 Latest LV Handbags – No. 10 – Louis Vuitton Monogram Odeon GM

Shopping and Product Reviews: Fashion Style • Published: April 23, 2009

Bags, as we know, are more than mere accessories for our body. Fashion allows freedom of expression, and most of us have the right to exercise the freedom however we choose. What we carry, the way we choose to present ourselves, gives off a series of complicated codified signals. Sometimes, we use bags to demonstrate our individuality. What you carry is who you are. The newcomer of famous Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas, Louis Vuitton Monogram Odeon, GM, mixed classic tradition essence with modern elements, is one bag in a thousand for those with mature and stable personality but not lack of fashion and enthusiasm.


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