soo i recently decided to purchase a vintage rolex, it was from a dealer called LuxuriaWatches and i'm scared it could be a time bomb.

They said the watch was fine when i was in store, i didn't care i was hasty and just wanted this Datejust on my wrist… so i handed the cash over and walked away (soo stupid)

anyhow i end up using it for a few days and tonight i shook her and tried to simulate an arm swing except more like a concave down parabola with the watch stopping at my ear… don't ask me why lol

I heard something… it sounded like a struggling engine trying to push it self or die down like a weird wobbling sound but mechanical like… anyway it self regulates and then keeps ticking. (mind you the sound of this wobbling just masks the ticking.)

watch is going into the repair shop asap as it is 30 years old, will update on watchmakers discoveries.

has anyone experienced anything like this with their Datejust or Rolex in general ?

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