I am in the process of purchasing a beautiful unworn (claimed by the grey dealer) gold 36mm day date (stock pic below)


The price is a bit higher than most listed online, though I'm paying 38k out the door a 0 on taxes, so consider that in relation to the sticker price on chrono24 or elsewhere. I have put a nonrefundable 5k deposit, which means I can back out, and I'm in the market for a nice watch anyway, may settle for a batman or pepsi if this falls through.

The condition is a beauty, no scratches of any kind, and frankly, a rare piece if it is indeed unworn and kept in a safe as the grey dealer claimed.

Grey dealer has warranty, it's getting authenticated by an AP boutique as we speak, and I will wire the rest if it is up to my satisfaction

I want to see if people have had similar experiences buying vintage pieces? Do you feel like the price tag is deserving? Would you recommend a bush league move of haggling the price a bit even though I've verbally agreed to the 38k price?

Thank you!

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