Hey guys, sorry in advance for the very stupid question I'm about to ask but this is most likely the best place to ask such a question.

While I've always been a big fan of Rolex, I never really considered buying a watch collection and I also never imagined that I'd be able to do so financially… however times changed and now I'm really considering it and I'd like to have a little collection.

So far I've only bought one watch for myself at my local AD and it was “only” an OP and a DJ for my girlfriend (so I did not really spend a lot of money there, but I spent that in the last 3 months). I'm currently on the waiting list for the new “Kermit/Starbucks or whatever”. However now I'd like to buy also a Batman or Pepsi and the new Sub in white gold. So that would be about 55k bringing me to about 70k in one year (assuming I'd be able to get them).

Now my question: Do you think I can confront the dealer and tell him that I'd hope that I get the watches a bit faster, seen that I buy a few of them or do you think I have to wait the same amount of time like everyone else? I'm also afraid of getting laughed at seen that I'm still pretty young (25)

Just to clarify to avoid getting accused of something which is not the case: I'd really love to have those watches and I have zero intention of selling them, I'd like to wear them every day and switch them up a bit.

Thanks in advance for answering my stupid question and have a great day!

PS: Most likely I'm also not really a “high” spending customer compared to other people but I thought maybe this title is catching your attention 😛

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