This ones for anyone familiar with ordering bottle service at clubs. I.e. where the bill ends up going to $1,000, $5,000, 10,000+ etc.

I’ve noticed there doesn’t seem to be any easy way for someone to get a table booked in advance.
Aside from some phone apps (like Tablelist for the US clubs, Clubbable for Europe) there isn’t any clear central website anyone goes to for the very high end clubs.

By high end clubs I mostly mean the European ones (as tablelist kind of has the US covered). So the likes of : Twiga in Monte Carlo, Maddox in London, Baoli in Cannes, Jimmyz Monte Carlo, some clubs in Mikonos, etc.

I specialise in SEO/link building – so I’m pretty sure I could rank a website for this really well, and keep it updated with some great content.

Leads would come in, but would be a case of having a small network of promoters or being able to pass info onto the management at each club.

But what I’m asking is – is this something that is needed in this part of the industry?
Would this level of club goer be looking for a website and a personalised service to book clubs in this way?

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