There are some things that show that you have arrived. Hate to say it and sound materialistic but being wealthy enables you to afford the finer things in life. For some, they were born into it, inherited it, and have the task of making their wealth grow. For others, it was a long hard climb with blood, sweat and tears, but they are now reaping the benefits from their toils and labors. For most self made millionaires, the hardest part of it was making their first million. Once that was over, the rest was easy. As the saying goes, money begets money. Some of the finer things these people have the penchant and moreover budget for purchasing are the following:

– Jewelry. Of all the items that women love, its jewelry. Topping the list of fine and premium brands are the Asscher jewels which are patented for its distinction and cut. An asscher engagement ring is perhaps the pinnacle of most engagement rings given. Asscher is the jeweler of royalty and having such jewelry is expensive and it also signifies that you as an owner have taste and know what you want.

– Watches. Forget Rolex, Go for Vacherin Constantin or Patek Philippe. These brands are great engineering and jeweled watches for the discriminating. Vacherin has one of the most expensive watches in the world that is both engineered precisely and filled with diamonds well placed. Have a few million dollars to spare and you can purchase that watch.

– Real Estate. Owning Apartments in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and London are great real estate investments. If these apartments are for personal use and are unoccupied when you aren’t around, that’s a sign of how much you are worth. For most other millionaires, owning vacation homes are based on the four seasons: summer villas in Italy and Greece, Swiss Chalets, and mansions in the beachfronts of exotic beaches in South East Asia are just some of the other investments to have.

– Transportation. For automobiles, a Rolls Royce for its craftsmanship, a Ferrari for its speed, a Bentley for its stature and a Benz for everyday use are just some of the options one can have. If you love the sea, purchase a yacht. If you jet set from continent to continent, the new lear jets are economical these days and their 10 seater may just be enough for you to bring the family and the nannies on a weekend sojourn.

It’s your money and feel free to spend it how you wish. After all, you’ve earned it.

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