So, how many stores have you visited looking for penis enlarging pumps? You might have to visit quite a few before you find out what stores sell them.

You may be surprised to learn you can only find these devices in a few places.

The easiest retail location to find them is an adult store. You will not see them in a drugstore or the supermarket.

What To Expect With A Penile Pump

They will give you a temporary boost in size. They will not permanently enlarge your penis. Not only that, you risk permanently harming yourself by using these if you use them incorrectly.

So What Are Your Other Options?

For that, you are better off looking into an extender. This medical device gradually lengthens your member. Most men gain an inch or two after three months of use. You do have to wear them for 6 to 8 hours a day, but it is very effective way to get larger.

These are more expensive than the pump. You should expect to pay upwards of $300 for a quality device. This way, you are certain not to damage your penis and you will get the best results.

You can find an extender in adult stores. You can also find them online. Online, you are likely to find guaranteed versions sold by their manufacturers. This can be a good option, because the device does not work for you, you can just send it back.

Another alternative is penis pills or topical oils that can help with your erection.

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