Meet a brand of shoes that are designed by Italian shoe experts. One well made pair of brogues isn’t made on a production line or in a foreign sweat shop. They are painstakingly developed over a couple of days. Each resulting pair is a work of art. In truth, an enduring collection in the Galliera Museum in Paris is the home to a few of these designer shoes.

It begins with the Zoraide philosophy that combines exquisite leathers and other elegant textiles to satisfy the requirement for shoes that define luxury on a refined level of exclusivity. Are you ready for Zoraide brand shoes?

Turquoise, violet, yellow and forest green provide the color palette for these designs; certain to make any spring wardrobe come alive with beauty. Picture your feet enveloped in pink satin with a gilded kid skin that is as romantic as it is regal and you’ve got the Neela.

Zoraide brand shoes have been featured in many of the finest fashion mags including Vanity Fair, Style, Elle, Bazaar and Stiletto in 2008.

Straight from the creative thoughts of the Italian designers in Milan, Zoraide brand shoes could be imitated by other people but are never doubled to the precise directions that these high standard shoes are fashioned. When you would like simply the best, Zoraide brand shoes will provide the final satisfy in shoe wear.

Those who want to sample the Fall/Winter 2008-2009 collection have one of a kind choices such as the Rosalba, Gaspara, Plautilla, Marietta, Lavinia, Sofonisba and the Artemisia.

These are not your mother’s shoes and they’re not your little sister’s. These shoes are just for the girl who doesn’t wish to see her shoe on another’s foot. For the girl who has discriminating taste and knows that it is not the price of the shoe but the worth it creates for her.

When you are ready to cradle your foot with the luxurious that many only dream of, Zoraide brand shoes are the final choice in design, color, fashion, uniqueness and quality which may set your shoes selections aside and make this brand of shoes your first choice, your only choice for footwear that is beyond compare!

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