Hi, Mimz here.

I'm looking for advice if I should get a 36mm Royaloak Daydate, my only reason to be skeptical about this watch is that my wrist is 7inches around and usually people who have this wrist size opt for bigger watches. I have never owned an AP but have gotten the chance to wear RO Offoshores before, I found that these watches were just too bulky for my style and didn't go with my daily outfit which is pretty much a suit.

I have a Rolex YGdaydate 36mm and WG 41mm. The 41mm look so much better on my wrist but I wear the 36mm as a daily because it was my first Rolex which I bought very reasonably and I kinda use it as a beater. I only use the 41mm on special occasions where I would expect someone to be wearing Rolex day-date and wouldn't want to have a smaller watch than them. I also own an Explorer 2 and a Piaget Polo S, just for size reference, I am looking very soon to add an AP to my collection, specifically looking at 25594BA. I love the Owl Moonphase (25594BA) actually wow. I must have this watch the only questions are pretty much the size. Also, I did some searching but couldn't find any other AP royal oaks that have the moon phase, I wasn't sure if this was the only size they came in, would be great if someone could let me know on that as well. It would be great if you have a 36mm AP and you show pictures of it, I'm really looking for pictures of an outfit with the watch because I can't find anyone the internet like it other than the ones I will attach which is fo a female wearing this watch. From what it looks like in the pictures it looks just like my kind of watch.

Also, my decision to get this exact model is because I honestly love gold anytime I have extra funds to be able to buy a watch I will almost always buy gold. My only non-gold watch is The Rolex Explorer 2 which is a watch that ties to my heritage and a watch that almost everyone in my family has. Also because I love the dial of the watch very much, there aren't many of them on Chrono24 either so I'm even more intrigued to buy it.

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Do you guys think that the 36mm Royal oak will just look too small for me? (the 36mm Rolex Daydate definitely looks way too small I only have it because it is my first Rolex)

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