No kidding I thought that the bulk price of a Rolex datejust came from the mechanical aspect of the watch, the heart of what makes the watch tick.

Where im from its roughly around 10k For a two-tone 36mm Datejust, when asked if I could buy the other style of bracelet (I got it with the Oyster a while back and wanted a Jubilee to change the look) they charged me around 4 Grand???

Im actually gobsmacked and admittedly a bit pissed off how a expensive a jubilee bracelet costs around 4k, thats almost HALF the price of the entire watch itself!

At first I was expetcing at the maximum a 2k price tag for the jubilee bracelet…

So I have one question:

Why does the bracelet cost so god damn much that it almost makes up half the price of the watch?

Buying two jubilee bracelet you can buy the oyster watch starting at roughly 6.2k

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