I’ve seen some posts regarding ‘starter Rolex’ advice in this sub but nothing recent so I’m hoping you all can help! I’m looking to make a purchase for my fiancé who is up for a big promotion. This would be his first Rolex and his first luxury watch, so I’d like to go with something classy and classic that works for lots of different occasions.

My ideal budget is $7500 or less. A 41mm Oyster Perpetual is comfortably in my price range (retail that I’ve seen online is $5900) and I like the classic look of it, but is there a better bang for my buck? I’m not necessarily opposed to buying pre-owned but it seems like that doesn’t save you much if any money, so I’ve mostly been looking at buying new.

Any advice or input is greatly appreciated! If there is any helpful info I’ve left out, just let me know.

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