Rising fuel prices are making it more expensive to run a car. While I cannot reduce the price you pay for gasoline, I may be able to help you cut costs on another major bill. You may not be getting the best possible price on your auto insurance because you may not be taking advantage of all of the discounts that you are entitled to.

Your rates are based upon an insurer’s judgment about your risk factors. If an auto insurance company thinks that you are a larger risk, your premium will be higher than a person who is considered a lower risk. How do these companies decide who is a bigger risk? Well, a number of factors go into that decision, and not every company gives the same weight to each of these factors. That’s why it is important to do a bit of shopping around.

Your age and driving history matter quite a bit. However, some companies may forgive a recent ticket or accident, while some will automatically assign a substantial rate increase to each incident. If you are a new driver, and you lack a driving history, expect a higher rate than an experienced driver who has not had any accidents. But again, student or teenage drivers can get credit with some insurers for taking an approved driver safety course and keeping up a good grade point average.

These days, many large companies consider an applicant’s credit report when the assign rates. So a driver with no recent claims may have a higher premium than a driver with a recent claim, if the first driver has a poor credit score. If you are surprised by a high premium quote, make sure you understand why. If the company is penalizing you for a poor credit report, look for a company that does not consider this factor.

You can also get sizable discounts for auto safety features and anti-theft devices. The type of car that you drive can also affect rates. For instance, a high horsepower sports car will usually cost much more to insure than a sedan. Sometimes newer cars will have higher premiums because of their value, but this is not always true. Newer cars come with built in safety features and anti-theft devices that car insurance companies will encourage with a big discount. I have seen a 30% credit for some safety features.

You need to understand that different companies will have different formulas to calculate an individual’s premiums, and you need to compare different policies in order to find the best deal for you.

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