Hi all,

I am hoping for some advice. I've been wanting to purchase a BLNR for quite sometime in Los Angeles, CA. I would prefer to go the AD route just because I don't necessarily feel confident in grey although I get that it's safer than it once was. I have a relationship with a local AD and some purchase history (4 watches). Granted, it's small in comparison to most of their clients. I let her know I was interested anyways and she said it would likely take some time, but that she'll give me a ring if and when one is available.

To try and increase my luck, I've visited other ADs who have basically told me to piss off as I don't have any purchase history with them. Some were more willing to take my information down though.

I've read some miracle stories of folks just having to wait as little as a few weeks. I know this is silly, but I recently graduated from college and just began my studies at law school so I was hoping to commemorate the moment and get one asap without going grey, which I realize is a big ask. Should I be going to as many ADs I can and asking to be put on their “waitlist”? What are some tips from people with little purchase history who have purchased a blnr?

Thank you!

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