How to spot a fake Patek Philippe watch

Thanks for the A2A! There are a couple easy tip-offs we generally use to identify counterfeits. With a decent loupe and a jewelry/watch repair store, you can identify about 95% of replica watches. HOWEVER, east Asian knock-offs are getting better every year and I recently came across the best replica Panerai I’ve ever seen. It fooled my…

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All You Need to Know About Luxury Homes

When we talk about luxury homes, what strikes our mind? Lavishness, magnificent, grandeur and of course pricey. Owning a luxury home is not just a status symbol, it’s about enjoying the comforts of one’s life you could think of at your own space called home. Often the term “Luxury Homes” in India is used to…

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Who are Ulysses Grant’s descendants?

Grant had 4 children by Julia Dent. Frederick, Ulysses Jr., Nellie, and JesseThey are an interesting bunch. As one might guess his sons and grandsons served in the military for a time. Jesse was once a Democratic candidate for president. Nellie married an English singer.His granddaughter Julia married a Russian prince.His last surviving grandson, Chapman…

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