Rolex wins Intellectual Property suit against customizer La Californienne

Interesting: I wonder what their marketing was like and how this will affect the other customizers. Whether they'll have to change their marketing line from “we make customized Rolexes” to “we customize your watch.” Bamford's site talks about “personalization” without highlighting any specific manufactures. View Reddit by irate_alien – Source

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Are Patek Philippe Watches the Best in the World

If you’re interested in Swiss watches or have read some wristwatch reviews, you’ve probably heard of Patek Philippe watches. You’ve also probably heard that Patek Philippe watches are the best in the world. But, exactly why is a Patek Philippe watch considered to be the best?Patek Philippe has been making watches since 1839. They were…

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Why is a duplex house so expensive?

Duplex homes in my city are hot and sell quickly in the popular historical neighborhoods of downtown Phoenix. Here is my thought.A duplex is two homes under one roof that share a common wall. Usually the two units are the same if not identical. Some were constructed to be a duplex and others are renovated…

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