Rolex Precision cannot be repaired?

I was told after sending my father’s Rolex Precision in for an estimate that it cannot be repaired because that no longer make the parts needed for this vintage watch. Has anyone else run into this and what did you do? Second opinion? Wear a non functioning watch as jewelry? This was an AD but […]

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NEW AD [How to build a relationship]

Bonjour AP croissants I know this is a repetitive topic here and on other watch forums, I'm curious to those of you whom have built a relationship with your AD how it all started… STORY TIME…. As we all have read continuously luck does play a role in acquiring this caliber of grail. However my […]

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Looking too buy first Rolex

So, I’m officially in the market for my first Rolex. I love the DJ41 with a white dial, fluted bezel and Jubilee band. I’m located in Northern NJ, can anybody give me some recommendations for a solid jewelry store to visit. I’d also appreciate any cons of buying it through a very reputable jewelry store […]

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