Puppy Teething – How to Ease the Process

Pets: Dogs • Published: January 19, 2012

Puppies start teething between the age of three to six months. They chew whatever they can find that is within their reach around the house in order to soothe the pain and discomfort from pressure on their gums. The process of puppy teething can be eased by supplying them with chew toys and simple aids such as ice cubes.

How to Treat Flea Bites on Dogs

Pets: Dogs • Published: January 13, 2012

Besides being irritating and itchy, flea bites on dogs can affect their health and their owners who may also suffer from the bites. There are various dog flea treatment methods that range from purchasing products on the market to home remedies. The method used should not only soothe these bites but also remove the problem itself.

Dog Beds – Some Things To Consider

Pets: Dogs • Published: September 7, 2011

You may have recently acquired a new furry little friend or perhaps one is a member of your family already, either way, you’ll need a dog bed for Fido. It may seem pretty obvious, but dog beds are an essential part of your dogs well-being, so choosing one that bests suits his (and yours) needs is something requiring a little bit of thought.

Save Money – Don’t Buy New Carpets, Have Them Professionally Cleaned

Home Improvement: Cleaning Tips and Tools • Published: July 5, 2011

A carpet cleaning service done by fully-trained professionals can be just as effective as buying a brand new carpet, and certainly more cost-effective. You will be amazed at the transformation your carpet will undergo and it’s so easy to forget how much traffic and abuse it receives and even how rich the original colour was! Carpet cleaning should always be done by a professional outfit, mainly for two reasons.

How To Lower Your eBay Seller Fees?

Internet and Businesses Online: Auctions • Published: February 22, 2011

People are always asking me how can I lower my eBay seller fees. It seems to be one of the biggest complaints people have against eBay is the cost of their fees. In my experience I have found that many people, including large sellers and eBay stores make unnecessary payments for their eBay fees, of which most of them could be avoided.

Is It Time To Consider Log Cabins As A Viable Housing Option?

Home Improvement: Green Living • Published: February 22, 2011

Have you ever considered log cabins as a viable housing option? Rather than building a bricks and mortar house, consider purchasing one of these instead. When you think of these types of homes you probably think they are nothing more than a nice sized garden shed but they can be so much more than that.

Tips For Winning a Bidding War on eBay

Internet and Businesses Online: Auctions • Published: February 22, 2011

When discussing eBay bidding strategy everyone is always talking about the best tips for winning a bidding war on eBay. There is nothing worse than losing out on an auction at the very last second. You were waiting until the last moment to place your bid, hitting refresh constantly, but when it didn’t seem possible somewhere came in a beat you to your item.

SEO and Inbound Links – A Guide

Internet and Businesses Online: SEO • Published: February 21, 2011

It is essential for any new website owner or anyone involved in search engine optimization (SEO) to fully understand the importance of SEO and inbound links – a guide may help you do this. Walk into any book store and you will find a tonne of information on the subject. However, SEO is an ever changing world and books can often be out of date not long after they are published so if you want to keep right up to date with the latest information then it will be best for you to search online.

SEO Tips For Your New Site

Internet and Businesses Online: SEO • Published: February 21, 2011

If you are a website owner and newcomer to SEO then you will probably be looking for some SEO tips for your new site. First and foremost, you need to do research into what keywords or phrases you think a potential customer may search for in order to find your website. Don’t just focus on one word key phrases.

How to Remove Ink From Carpet

Home Improvement: Cleaning Tips and Tools • Published: February 21, 2011

It’s something we will all need to know about at one time or another but what is the best solution on how to remove ink from a carpet or any other materials that have been stained by ink. One of the best solutions for removing ink is to spray the stained material with hairspray and allow it to dry. You then need to soak it with warm water and scrub vigorously with a clean and strong bristled brush and the stain should then lift right out of the carpet.

The World’s Top 3 Log Cabin Hotels

Travel and Leisure: Hotels Accommodations • Published: February 21, 2011

As the name suggests, log cabin hotels provides some of the most perfect and idyllic hotel accommodation available.  The cabins offer a truly unique and different hotel experience. Situated in often awe inspiring settings, imagine waking up to the dramatic and breathtaking setting of a Norwegian Fjord with its beautiful mountain peaks and sparkling water.

The Best Way to Clean Your Carpet

Home Improvement: Cleaning Tips and Tools • Published: February 21, 2011

Finding the best way to clean your carpet depends on what kind of material your carpet is made from and what it was that caused the stain. No doubt you will want to make your carpet look as good as new, don’t worry, here are some handy tips so you can do just that. In all truthfulness, depending on the seriousness of the stain on your carpet, the best way to clean your carpet is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

LG Cookie VS the iPhone

Communications: Mobile Cell Phone Reviews • Published: February 21, 2011

The big LG Cookie VS the iPhone debate is the hot topic of conversation amongst Smartphone users everywhere at the moment. The Cookie has been receiving some excellent reviews and justifiably so. Compared to its predecessor, the LG Prada, early signs suggest it is far more impressive.

Who Buys a Log Cabin?

Home Improvement: Landscaping Outdoor Decorating • Published: February 17, 2011

Many types of people find a log home appealing. It isn’t just the stereotypical person who you might think would be interested in such a purchase — the outdoorsman who enjoys nature walks and outdoor recreation; not only the camper and hiker; not only the writer-type individual, reclusive and getting away from it all to finally sit down and write that novel. They appeal to many people.

Log Cabins – A New Type of Home?

Home Improvement: Green Living • Published: February 17, 2011

Log homes are gaining in popularity amongst people, especially urban dwellers who are looking for something much different from their small city townhouses and flats. Although people who have grown up in the country or smaller towns and communities might be very common with log homes and their appearance, people who have grown up in the city still see it as something very new and exciting. To these people looking to make a purchase of a home in a more rustic environment, the log home is a very new concept.

Advantages Of Purchasing An eBay Shop Design

Internet and Businesses Online: Auctions • Published: February 16, 2011

One of the biggest advantage to purchasing an eBay shop design is that is made specifically to attract customers and drives sales. Many people set up an eBay store thinking that by just showing some pictures and having product descriptions that they will instantly sell. But that’s not the case.

The Advantages of an eBay Store

Internet and Businesses Online: Auctions • Published: February 15, 2011

If you are wanting to make any serious kind of income from selling on any of the eBay sites, then opening an eBay store should be high on your agenda of things to do. Having an eBay store has many advantages for sellers looking to increase their profits and sales on eBay, Some of the main benefits are as follows. Better discounts on listing and final valuation fees.

Log Homes – The Benefits and Drawbacks

Home Improvement: Landscaping Outdoor Decorating • Published: February 15, 2011

Buying a log home can be a very fun and distinctive decision. It is certainly a return to nature and a simpler way of living. Luckily, log homes are not merely tiny cabins in the woods, but exactly as they are called — homes.

The Essential Guide to Log Homes

Home Improvement: Landscaping Outdoor Decorating • Published: February 15, 2011

So you’ve decided to escape the noise and business of the big cities and towns and retire to the woods and settle into a log home. Now you have a decision of what type of log cabin is the right one for you. They are no longer simple little things in the woods, a plume of smoke rising from the single stove in the middle of one room.

Do You Have to Have PayPal to Sell on eBay?

Internet and Businesses Online: Auctions • Published: February 15, 2011

The vast majority of users on eBay use a PayPal account to send and receive money. If you’ve ever used eBay or have done any research on eBay, and particularly the payment methods it utilizes, you will see that PayPal is the dominant payment method. But yet the question still arises, Do I need a PayPal account to sell on eBay?

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