Can’t afford a Gucci, Dior or Louis Vuitton handbag? You aren’t the only one who can’t. This is the reason there are so many fake designer handbags. Just do a search on the internet and you’ll find page upon page of websites where you could purchase one. Obviously the demand for fake designer handbags is enormous. People want these designer handbags because they see one that they particularly like or because their favorite movie stars are carrying them. Unfortunately the price tag is as enormous as the demand.

You can spend upwards of $800 on a Prada hand bag that you absolutely have to have. However, if you get a knock-off, you could probably get the same bag for under $100. Now ask yourself what else you could spend that $700 on that you just saved. There are significant benefits to buying a fake. The quality of the fakes is not what it used to be. Once upon a time, if you were to haggle the price of a fake designer bag from a gentleman on a street corner in NYC, there would be no tag in it at all and it would wind up falling apart within a month of buying it. Since demand has increased, so has the quality. Now you can get a handbag that’s at least the same quality that you would get from any retail store.

You could more than likely pass off your fake designer handbag as an original. Many of them look like the real thing and they even have tags. The question is if you really care if it’s a genuine designer handbag or not. The stitching may not be the same quality as it would be as if it was an original, but is that really so important to you? No one will be looking that closely at your handbag? Most people admiring that handbag of yours don’t really care. Appearance is the primary reason people purchase things. If you see something you like, you purchase it because you like how it looks or other related qualities, i.e. usefulness, many pockets, large size, it goes perfectly with that outfit and shoes you just bought. Does it really matter that it’s not the real thing?

Why is it that you want a designer handbag?. Now, if you’re getting one simply to say that you own one, then by all means go right ahead and spend a week’s salary plus on one. If you want one because you like the hand bag, then strongly consider purchasing a fake. Today’s economy is placing extreme restrictions on consumer’s purchasing power. At the discounted prices that are offered, there’s no reason you cant get what you want. You can purchase just about any designer handbag on the internet without having to leave your home.

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