There is a right way and a wrong way of licking a woman’s vagina. Men who know their way around can easily determine which was one is right and which one is wrong every time they work their way to their partner’s vagina. Another aspect of this sticky issue is the fact that there is significant number of women who can’t seem to experience multiple orgasms by sexual intercourse alone. It is under this situation that men should be able to harness all available “weapons” in their arsenal in order to give their partners a mind-blowing experience.

Here are the most important things that you must remember when licking your woman’s vagina:

Start at first gear

You should remember this important rule – don’t hit her mound at overdrive. Oral sex doesn’t work that way. You have to take it slow by licking her bit-by-bit. If it takes men 3 to 5 seconds to hit the big O, women have to spend 5 minutes or longer to reach their climax. This significant difference is an important variable that you have to take into consideration when licking the vagina of your partner.

Hum away until she turns wild

This is one special trick that you can’t afford to miss when performing cunnilingus on your partner. When you make a humming sound while working on her love hole, your partner will feel a different kind of sensation that can turn her wild.

Focus on her clitoris

The clitoris contains millions of minute nerve endings, and when these highly sensitive parts of the clit are properly stimulated, a woman is bound to experience a mind-blowing orgasm. You must learn how to effectively use both your tongue and fingers in order for you to drive her over the edge of ecstasy.

Target a G-Spot Orgasm

The G-spot is the tissue that is located just a couple of inches above the vaginal wall. This bean-shaped vaginal tissue is oriented towards your partner’s belly button. With your index finger, gently tap this tissue until she attains orgasm.

Follow a solid rhythm

Your licks must a have smooth, fluid and slow motion. Don’t ever go on attack mode when licking the vagina of your partner. Don’t ever entertain the idea of biting any part of her love mound. Inject variety in your movements by alternating sensual kisses and licks on various spots of the vagina. Focus on the clitoral area and follow a solid circular motion.

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