There are many ways to slow down ejaculation. It is simply a matter of knowledge and then easily applying your new skills. Find out more in this article.

Manipulation Techniques

By far the most famous of these is the “squeeze method”. Here’s how it works.

Start foreplay and continue to have sex as normal. Keep going until you almost reach the point where ejaculation is inevitable.

Quickly withdraw the penis and squeeze hard on the head, also known as the glans. The blood will dissipate and the erection will subside.

Resume arousal once more.


These are a great way. Even if you hate condoms, you should consider them, at least as a short term fix.

A thicker condom works well but even better is a condom that contains a small amount of medical anesthetic. Both of the huge global condom makers, Durex and Trojan, market such condoms.

When you roll on this type of condom, the anesthetic gel will become absorbed into the head of your penis and start working within about 10 minutes.

Typically, you can get about an extra 5 minutes or more with this method.

Different Positions

Positions where the man dominates such as missionary are not advised if you want to slow down ejaculation.

Preferably, you should use positions where the woman is dominant and controls the thrusting of the penetration. Women on top, facing away is a personal favourite of mine and I advise you to try it. This is also known as the “reverse cowgirl” position. The woman can also stimulate her clitoris more easily in this position.

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