You say to yourself, “I want to cuckold my husband.” How do you do it? I will give you advice that works for most other dominant wives.

A cuckold?

What exactly IS a cuckold slave husband? This is a husband who submits himself to a dominant wife and who relinquishes sexual intimacy with his wife unless given as treats. The wife finds herself a boyfriend – or boyfriends – and these men become her primary means of sexual release.

Want it…

Your husband must WANT it. There is no getting around this. Cuckolding wives call this stage the “Sit Down.” You and your husband sit down and you come clean. Be entirely open. Tell him you want to cuckold him.

Rules for him…

If your husband wants it then you can begin his transformation. You begin by giving him rules to govern his life from now on. Rules help to cement the new relationship. The most common one is that he must not masturbate. YOU control his sexual release. This gives you a lot of power. And your husband will love you owning this power.

Remove him from sexual equation…

No longer think of your husband as the man who satisfies your sexual needs. Join Facebook, MySpace, dating sites, create personal ads on Craigslist. Find yourself a boyfriend. Because only when you have a boyfriend – a superior male in your life – will you have truly created a cuckold slave husband!


Keep your husband happy with treats of a sexual nature. Allow him to watch your sexual intimacy with other men. Allow your husband to masturbate. On very rare occasions, engage him in sexual situations.

Saying, I want to cuckold my husband, is the first step in a new dominant-submissive relationship for you. It takes time for both of you to get used to it. Eventually, though, you will have a happy cuckold slave husband, and your relationship will seem more fulfilling to you both.

I have advised hundreds of dominant wives who say to me, “I want to cuckold my husband.” One final tip I will give you in making a cuckold slave husband is how to find a boyfriend. Make a FREE dating profile [] here because right now they are still giving away free memberships to ladies. This site has over 10 million members so it’s easy to find a bull boyfriend.


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