The LV Galliera handbag is in the category of all-time best sellers in the wide Louis Vuitton product range; other LV best-sellers alongside it being the likes of the LV Monogram Sprouse and Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas handbags. For me, the LV Galliera handbag has proved to be one of the most deeply enchanting products, at least as far as handbags go.

One of the things I have come to like most about the Louis Vuitton Galliera handbag is its compactness. Not being a fun of those huge and seemingly (to me) unwieldy handbags – yet still wanting to have a handbag in which I could fit all the stuff a woman needs, the LV Galliera turned out to be just what I wanted; in terms of a compromise between compactness and adequacy of carrying space in a handbag. Measuring about 16 inches by 11 inches by 6 inches, the Louis Vuitton Galliera is clearly huge enough to fit all stuff that is reasonably supposed to go into a handbag, yet small enough to appear ‘cute.’ Another highly attractive feature in the Louis Vuitton Galliera, besides its exquisite compactness-adequate storage comprise, one has to admit, is the wide shoulder strap it comes with – which is also length adjustable, making it ‘a bag for all seasons,’ that is, a bag that you can carry when you are looking for a low hanging or high hanging accessory equally well.

As a signature that it is a genuine LV, the LV Galliera comes with that Vuitton inventeur plate – that is taken as the signature for LV’s distinctive handbags. Thanks to this Louis Vuitton Inventeur plate, it becomes clear to one and all that what you are straddling is indeed a LV bag, with the admiration that comes with from those who know what the finer tastes as far handbags go are.

Another prominently noticeable feature in the LV Galliera has to be the magnetic closure mechanism with which it comes, which thus effectively does away with the stressful button-closing business. This is a great feature, many handbag users would admit, since the buttons (where they are employed) do tend to malfunction at some point as time goes on, whereas the magnetic closure mechanism on the LV Galliera is sure to last for as long as the bag is in use, and beyond.

Perhaps noting that the cell-phone has pretty much become part of day to day modern life, which typically has to be carried in the handbag, and noting the stressful activity which trying to fish out a cell-phone that has gotten mixed up with other handbag contents can be, the Louis Vuitton Galliera bag comes with a specially made cell-phone compartment, so that one never has to spend precious time and get stressed trying to fish out a cell-phone that has gotten mixed up with other handbag contents.

Yet another attractive feature I have noted with LV Galliera is the studs (specifically those signature LV Inventeur studs) that it comes with on its bottom, supposedly to protect the bag at its base. This is a great feature, because as any experienced handbag users will aver, the ultimate damage that sees an otherwise great handbag having to be written off is damage to the handbags base, especially for handbags that don’t come with this type of base studs.

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