With Watches and Wonders coming up soon, it's natural to get excited about all that we'll learn. We didn't even have to wait for the W&W announcements to see Omega ensure it never becomes a truly viable competitor to even Tudor, let alone Rolex. Kidding… kind of. Come at me moonwatch fanboys.

Anyway, the point is that ADs simply do not know a damn thing that we don't know. They're part of Rolex's chosen distribution chain, they're not even remotely close to being part of Rolex. It's fun to hypothesize what Rolex will do based on past experience, say count the number of years before most colorways get discontinued or predict a continued resurrection of vintage styles, whatever, but anyone telling you that their AD authoritatively confirmed or denied any such thing is wrong. Not that their AD said it, but wrong to think it means anything at all.

TL;DR: Don't get it twisted. Any young salesman at a random jewelry store that happens to have permission to sell Rolexes telling you what Rolex is or isn't doing before Rolex says so is, quite simply, full of shit.

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