Hello everyone,

As is often the case, I am looking to get my first Rolex piece to join the club, to celebrate a monumental phase of my life, the birth of my first child.

About me, I have a 15.5 cm (6.1 inch) wrist, and I have enjoyed my 2015 Grand Seiko sbgx (Blue, 37mm dial, 44 mm L2L, 19mm lug width) as my only watch. I have loved its understated, sporty, and ergonomic presence. I love it, but sometimes I wondered if I would like it more if it were just a shade smaller.

Now I have my sight on black op, either outgoing 34 (lug to lug 41.7 mm, lug width 19 mm, green lume, 48 hr power reserve, no easy link clasp, grey market without my name on warranty card) or new op 36 (lug to lug 43 mm, lug width 20 mm, blue lume, 72 hr power reserve, easy link clasp, authorize dealer experience, model of birth year of my daughter).

I went to local AD to try the new op34, and found the updated, smaller case to be tad too feminine. While they didn’t have the new op36, they had the new dj36 (which has identical case). I thought it overall fit similar to my gs.

Right now, I can buy the outgoing op34 in unworn condition from grey market for around $6600. I am very tempted to get it, as I suspect that it could be the most ideal fit for my wrist and taste.

My other choice would be to wait until next year sometime to buy the new op36 from local AD (I live in LA area, so I am near over 10 AD’s within driving range). The new op36 would be overall better watch, in birth year, that can potentially be bought from AD at retail $5600. It may be just a shade larger on my wrist, although by most other people, it would look ideal.

This is just one of those dilemma where both choices are good, and neither choice is absolutely perfect. As many of you have experience dealing with making such difficult decision, I wanted to ask for your opinion!

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