Hi Gents,

TL:DR, I would appreciate advice on whether to auction my Oysterdate.

Due to a change in circumstances I am going to have to sell one of my collection within a short-ish time window so an auction (I assume eBay) seems like the best means of making sure it goes for a decent price but in a fixed time frame without low-balling myself.

The thing is it's not particularly rare (as far as I know): it's an oysterdate precision (ref 6694. 1970s).

I have no experience auctioning something of this value.

– any suggestions as to pricing strategy?

– are there any forums or apps where you can legitimately link it to generate interest?

– Any suggestions on auction format? i.e. is zero reserve a good idea? (it terrifies me).

– it's in good condition but how much should I go on about minor flaws? I obviously don't want a dispute and return.

Cheers in advance


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