Dedicated concierge

Access to yachts, private jets, restaurants, celebrities and much more

Access to elite only events, charity balls and launch parties for luxury brands

Access to investment opportunities and rare luxury items.

Dedicated concierge 24/7 globally

Anticipating your needs and exceeding expectations

Your concierge is elite and connected.  From planning travel arrangements, luxury transfers, reservations and much more. They are available to you 24/7 in whatever country you need to be in.


Your concierge is elite and specifically trained to anticipate your needs, whatever they may


Our global reach provides unparalleled local knowledge anywhere you need it.


Your concierge knows who to contact to get the impossible. From events, restaurant bookings, parties and charity balls.


Privacy is our number 1 consideration. You and your details, requests and other information are protected to the highest level.

Access to yachts, private jets, restaurants and celebrities

Want the impossible?  We can do that!

Want a mega yacht in Monaco for the GP? Need a large private jet for 30+ people? Want a celebrity to attend the launch of a new venture? We can do that!


We have partnered with the leading global yacht brokerage
to give you access to yachts from
7 meters up to 180 meters, for an
hour, a day or as you like.

The Impossible

With inside access to many top restaurants in most major cities, jump the long queue and walk straight in.

Private Jets

Whether you want to fly yourself in the cirrus SF50, to entertaining 100 guests from New York to Paris on your private A380, our team can easily source your jet.


Organising a charity event or the launch of a new company, having a noteworthy MC can significantly improve the outcome. Talk to us about how we can help.

Access to events, charity balls and launch parties for luxury brands

Access to major global events

Whether its front row at Paris fashion week, an Oscar Awards after party or a secret high powered party we have access for our members.

Luxury Experiences

We redefine luxury travel. Stay in some of the most luxurious places you're never heard of. Privacy and ultra luxury are just be beginning.

Launch and Product Event Parties

Enjoy the Louis Vuitton Cup, or the launch of the latest Koenigsegg Hyper car with our event access calendar.


Paris Fashion week, Barcelona Spring Show, the Met Gala in New York, Monaco GP just to name a few we have access to.

Access to investment opportunities, rare luxury items and art

Rare and exclusive to deliver superior returns

Get access to the investment advisers that make the 0.001% wealthy.  Participate in deals only offered to ultra high net worth individuals.  Access investments in pre-IPO companies that will deliver.  We also specialize in sourcing rare items, if we don’t have it in store, just ask and we will get it.

Rare items

If you are looking for something exceedingly rare global team of sourcing specialists can be put
at your disposal to locate and
secure whatever to need.


We have access to top money managers around the world. Gain access to investment opportunities otherwise only available to industry insiders and major fund managers.

Our members club, your story.

Enjoy all members advantage, all year long, for a single yearly membership fee.

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