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100% Mulberry Silk Neckties Brocade Neckties Bow ties Cravats Featured gifts


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Brand: YY-Brocade Necktie

Color: Golden


  • (1)Brocade neckties, 100% mulberry silk , soft and smooth, Retro jacquard technics, concave convex stereo effect, classic aulic patterns and texture, elegant demeanor;
  • (2)Size: 145X9(CM), five colors(Golden/ Black/ Red/ Blue/ Light purple)and fifteen kinds of style are optional;
  • (3) Suitable for yourself,gift for leaders, colleagues, relatives and friends, international friends, acknowledging customers, business conferences and all kinds of festivals;
  • (4) Suitable for business, office, social, party, banquet, formal events , wedding, and so on;
  • (5)Special reminder: When you are submitting your order, please submit the chosen style ( such as: Style1 , Style2 or other styles). We will ship for you according to your choice. If you do not submit the style information, we will ship for you according to the defaulted picture.

Details: (1)Brocade is Chinese traditional silk weaving process. It was called ” inch Brocade is inch Gold”.Brocade has a history of 1600 years. (2)Up to now, Brocade still maintains the traditional special and unique technology. Still maintains the traditional jacquard weaving process and hand weaving process. (3)In ancient Chinese silks, “Brocade” stood for high-end craftsmanship and quality. In ancient ages of China, Brocade is the royal tributes for all past dynasties . (4)Because of the abundant cultural connotations of Brocade. It was recognized as the “oriental treasure” . ” unique and only in China”. Brocade is a precious intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese Nation and the Whole World. (5)Brocade has a good gloss. it can appear different gloss from different angles. Delicate and silky feel. Elegant and graceful. Refined weaving process. It has strong ethnic characteristics. It reflects the noble and elegant temperament. (6)Reminder: Do not bleach. Hand washing at low temperature. Or mildly dry cleaning. Ironing at low temperature.