Cosmic Cowboy Boots – Custom Painted by “Cosmic X” Artist , Jack Armstrong


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Cosmic Cowboy Boots - Custom Painted by "Cosmic X" Artist , Jack Armstrong


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“Cosmic Cowboy Boots”

American modern artist – Jack Armstrong was inspired by an ethereal experience with the famous gemstone, more commonly known as the Black Star Sapphire of Queensland. Cosmic Extensionalism or “Cosmic X” is a relatively new style of Art, which was originally founded in 1999 by Armstrong himself.

Turn heads and make a huge fashion statement! Simply put on a pair of the World’s Most Expensive Boots“Cosmic Cowboy Boots” by iconic modern artist Jack Armstrong.

Popular American artist Jack Armstrong not only collaborated, but knew iconic Pop artist Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Jack has stated that one the proudest moments in his life was being named “The Last Wizard of Art” by Andy Warhol himself. His artwork and paintings are incredible and prices continue to rapidly appreciate. In addition, Mr. Armstrong holds the world record for the most expensive motorcycle (Harley Davidson) and bicycle.

Each piece of art is not only multi-layered, but also includes Jack’s personal touch. Jack Armstrong’s own hair, fingerprints and DNA are presented in all of his paintings. With only 100 paintings in existence, owning one is an extremely rare opportunity for any serious art collector or investor!

Cosmic Cowboy Boots - World's Most Expensive Boots - Jack Armstrong

At an eye-popping whopping $6 million, his Cosmic Cowboy Boots are the most expensive boots in the world. Jack already owned a perfect pair of 1968 Tony Lama boots. Tony Lama boots have long been a popular brand of boots. Interestingly, the boot brand is favored by many U.S. Presidents and actually worn by President Harry S. Truman. With his own pair of boots, Armstrong artistically painted them and the result is nothing less than dazzling.

Jack Armstrong’s “Cosmic X” style is derived from a combination of extreme textures and colors. On his visionary paintings, words actually appear throughout on each one. The stunning effect is done by viewing his acclaimed art at different angles.

The Life of Luxury is a concierge company and authorized to sell Jack Armstrong’s remaining, personal art collection.  Mr. Armstrong will arrange pick-up or delivery, once payment has been made.