Dance of Spring




Color: Gold

Details: Alexander Maranov interesting for its unique artistic personality – bright , memorable and mature . Considering the work of art as a living , moving , multi-level structure , one can say , first, the external form of the works of Alexander Maranov : without exaggeration – the color – light extravaganza is the flow of light and color , is dumped on the audience a bit , so to speak , deafening properties . Light – is life of the color . Color fulfilling lives here , pulsating life , kinda – vibrations of light and color. Also unique and inner form – the content side of the artist . The main term personality Alexander’s dominant feature is a romantic order . Whatever did Alexander Maranov, whether realistic representational portrait, paintings , executed in the manner of abstract expressionism , or full of deep mystical sound fabric – it is filled with all the inner romantic breath. Undoubtedly be called modern romanticism artist . Romanticism of Alexander Maranov is modern and experimental . Even realism – a special , not just natural and realism to rethink , re-creating realistic forms in the form of artistic and plastic . Or another way to find – abstraction , mysticism . Because the essence of creativity – a mystery. Author only extracts from the depths of his consciousness those layers , some of which we see in the paintings.