Normally you only hear this saying when looking for your first home, however it has been known for people to rent a car of a similar model for a week and go about their daily tasks to make sure it’s right for them. This can really give you a good idea on how practical the car is for you and whether or not you want to make what is probably the biggest buy in your life, with exception to your home.

Much like your home, your car is something that most use almost every day of the year and so it is important to always at least test drive a car before you buy it. We recommend you go one step further and rent the car for a week or so to see whether it’s right for you.

Factors that will come to light when renting a car which you may not have considered when buying it will be things such as fuel consumption, space in the car and practicality of the car. All of which you can experience first-hand if you rent before you buy.

Giving real life example such as:

  • Whether or not you could fit your weekly shop in the car?
  • How often do you have extra people other than yourself in the car and is the amount of seating practical?
  • Is the fuel consumption of the car efficient enough for the amount you travel?

All of the above and more are things you will only discover by renting a car before you buy.

Some cars, such as supercars, will be near on impossible to rent and this may be something you have to do a lot of your own independent research on instead of renting the car.

A lot of the cars on your driving lessons are rented as driving instructors find it easier to rent rather than buy, although this isn’t always the case. If you really liked the car you took your driving lessons in then you may even want to go and buy one similar to that! You won’t have to rent the car to test it this way as you will have driven it for sometime and know that they are good, reliable cars.

Even if you do rent the car it is also recommended that you do a lot of online research about the manufacture and the car itself. Visit some discussion forums and get other drivers first hand experiences from the car.

You may be looking for a car whilst still doing your driving lessons, if this is the case it isn’t recommended that you go out and buy a brand new car, or rent one, straight after your driving test as no matter how good you have been taught you are still inexperienced and bound to have a small scrape or bump at best.

Take plenty of driving lessons with a good instructor and get some experience on the road. After you can then rent a car to test it and buy it without the risk of any scrapes or bumps!

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