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Decided to go ahead and do a review of the new watch roll which I got from https://www.bosphorusleather.com. Ever since I got into watch collecting, I have been looking for the perfect “home” worthy of a high-end swiss watch like a Rolex or Audemars Piguet. Of course, all high-end watches come in a beautifully finished box upon purchase, but who can use that everyday?

My Watch Roll

Since I started collecting in 2018, I have gone through various watch rolls from different companies such as Wolf, Louis Vuitton, and even watch rolls made by Rolex itself. However, nothing has come to match the quality and craftsmanship of a swiss watch. Almost everytime, I felt dissatisfied with my purchase as something was where it should have been on each roll, something else may have been missing.

I became determined this past month to find the ULTIMATE, watch roll, but it seemed to be impossible as most rolls either had the single piece mechanism which forced you to remove multiple watches to access a single watch, or the quality of the leather was sub-par. Finally, I stumbled upon Bosphorus Leather. They are a company based in Turkey, in which they handcraft, design, and shape everything in-house. At first, I seemed a little sceptical as the prices seemed too good to deliver a high quality item. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Galata 3-Watch roll, and all I can say is wow.

Quality: The overall quality of this watch roll receives a 10 out of 10 in all aspects. Lets start with the leather on the outside. A very nice and sturdy leather with grains similar to the leather found on Louis Vuitton products or Berluti. The leather is shaped and cut by hand, but when you inspect the roll, you can see it is similar to that of machine engineering. The stitching throughout the watch roll is in a consistent pattern, showing absolutely no flaws or imperfections. Each thread is the same length, perfect with those collectors who have an eye for uniformity. The buttons, made in Italy, make a very satisfying sound when opened, conforming nothing but quality. These buttons can be found on the actual roll itself and the outside of the case. Each watch pillow is protected by a suede lined barrier on each side, making the shape of the roll. Additionally, the watch pillows can be interchanged in any position as the buttons allow for custom arrangement, to your liking. A small, subtle stamp in the same color as the outside leather can be found inside of the case with a elegant company logo in a gold finish. Most importantly, the leather definitely passes the smell test.

Build: This is a 3-watch roll built to house three of your finest and most prized pieces or motivate you to fill an empty space or two. The roll itself is a simple leather roll which is collapsed by a series of 4 buttons, measuring about 10 inches long. It is perfect for everyday storage and travel as the barrieries lined next to each watch pillow allow for durable protection and the insured safety of your timepieces. Conveniently, the ends of the roll completely collapse when unlatched from the watch pillows, allowing easy access to your desired piece. No need to dig and risk scratching up anything. As previously mentioned, this is a fully rearrangeable watch roll allowing for the watch pillows to be interchanged in any position.
arrangement, to your liking. The overall design receives a 10/10.

Options: As it may occur to most, not everyone is looking for a three piece watch roll. This specific model, the Galata is available in variations to accommodate a single watch, two watches, three, and up to four. Some may be interested in different designs or finishes and even materials. Bosphorus leather offers a variety of materials and colors with different stitching as well. In fact, there are more options available including full watch cases for more than 10 watches and even vaults with integrated winders. Visit the link above to checkout more.

Durability: Okay, so we all know that things look better than they are online. Ever purchase a designer wallet or belt and when you hold it, leather feels super flimsy? It has to be one of the biggest disappointments possible when it comes to the ownership and experience of luxury shopping. But fear not, this problem cannot be associated with the watch roll made by Bosphorus. In fact, the leather is of such high quality and thick enough that you cannot even cut it with a blade. This stuff is built to last. Leather dye seems to be of amazing quality too as it does not rub off or fade in any way. Additionally, the stitching throughout the watch roll is very tight and well placed, ensuring everything will hold its shape. This goes for the pillows and the interior components as well.

Aesthetics: To be honest, I do not even need to write about this. See it for yourself, Bosphorus Leather seriously has the aesthetics down on this piece. The beautiful leather is finished in an executive grain, perfect for any environment and accompaniment of other leather goods you may have. This watch roll looks like something that is designed to hold million dollar timepieces, it cannot be mistaken for anything mediocre. Buttons are placed on the case very strategically as when the case is closed, they completely disappear, leaving behind a smooth leather surface. The interior lining is not the cheap felt material you will find on a China made watch roll. This is similar to the suede materials found in products from the most exequiset brands such as Hermes, Berluti, Louis Vuitton, and so on. Lastly, you have the option to cater to any taste with the endless variety offered by Bosphorus.

If you want to be simple and clean, you can go for something like this: https://www.bosphorusleather.com/collections/watch-rolls/products/galata-watch-roll-saffiano-dark-brown-for-three-watches-1
If you prefer a more classic, vintage look, an option like this is available too:
The possibilities are endless, take the time to browse their website as it is simply the best investment you can make to protect your watches while traveling and storing them. Even better, it can be done stylishly.
Thank you for reading this write up, hope you too end up with this amazing watch roll. Bosphorus Leather also offers things such as shoes, bags, wallets, and more if you are interested!

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