Stumbled upon a company – Hypira Performance – a US based company producing EVs in the US and Italy.

Hypira is offering an NFT based purchase of a limited run hypercar to be released called the Monarc – rumor is it’s expected to be produced by the same team to work on many of Ferrari’s greatest feats as well as the Apollo IE $2M hypercar.

The car looks bananas and has a sticker offer of 1.5 Million USD or the equivilent in cryptocurrency at the time of purchase. The company however is going to be starting much lower for the sale of their limited series which is to be sold along side 10 limited NFTs.

The NFT Itself will include a render of the car to be received “in its own unique scene” “all 10 will have their own unique design flow allowing them to act as 10 1 of 1 cars”.

This could be a moonshot that lands you with a 1.5M dollar 1/1 car produced by a team with naturally appreciating cars (selling a limited run car with a sticker of 1.5M) – seemingly all for less than 3/4 the price in ether.

This is the ultimate “rich off crypto” purchase.

Link to the NFT

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