When we think about luxury travel, its not the outstanding service of an A380 business class, special PJs aside!  We are talking about private travel.  Whether it be a private jet charter to one of the following 3 most luxurious destinations, or our favorite, a Four Seasons private package tour.

This is a culinary odyssey that’s sure to wow some of the world’s pickiest foodies.

At $135,000, the three-week Culinary Discovery tour (May 27 to June 14, 2017) launched by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts’ unprecedented partnership (Four Seasons Private Jet) with Noma’s Rene Redzepi isn’t just a run-of-the-mill tour of the fanciest restaurants. While some of the world’s best eateries are obviously part of the itinerary, each leg of the tour will see a chef sharing about different city’s unique culinary culture.

Real luxury travel is private, a highly curated experience, packaged up with some of the finest food money can buy!

Now of course this is our favorite however, here are 3 more fantastic ultra luxury alternatives:

  1. The Muraka

This experience is located in the Maldives and comes with a private butler, private yacht transfers and expedited customs clearance.  No change from US$250k for a multi-night stay.

2. Passport 50

Organised by travel boutique agency, DreamMaker, the Passport to 50 package will tour 20 cities in 20 days onboard two private Boeing 767 jets. The trip starts off in Koh Samui, Thailand then heads to Europe, North Africa, and the U.S. before returning to Asia.

Some highlights throughout the trip include a one-to-one ratio of guest to staff, a $500,000 charity poker tournament with the world’s top-ranked poker player, an in-flight yoga session, a fashion show and a wine session with a master sommelier. The entire journey and experience will set one back by about US14 million.

3. Global Roaming Over Two Years

A British luxury e-commerce site is selling a travel package that spans two years and takes a couple across the world in the lap of luxury, seeing all of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. The price of the package? A cool $1.5 million.

The luxury trip will take in all of UNESCO’s spectacular 962 World Heritage Sites, including the Taj Mahal in India, the pyramids in Egypt and the Forbidden City in China as well as less internationally known sights such as the painted timber houses in Halsingland, Sweden and Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site in the US state of Illinois. All of the sites listed have been designated as having outstanding universal cultural and natural value by the UN body. The site specifies that only safe destinations will be visited.

In total the trip will span 157 countries and take two years, during which time the couple will stay in hotels such as Sandy Lane in Barbados, Hotel George V in Paris and The Plaza in New York.

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