Universal Coin is back and better than ever!

I have been following the Universal Coin project for the last few years. It has gone through a few iterations, Trials and tribulations if you will. But it has come out stronger than ever with some talented new leadership at the helm. This project has amazing potential and for the first time in the history of my owning the coin, it has a monetary value on exchanges. Albeit it’s low, it’s also still the early stages of the project and there is plenty of time to get in and plenty of room for growth. It can only go up from here. To get involved there are few items you need to accomplish.

  1. You will need an ETC address
  2. You will want to follow them on twitter to stay aware of when distributions will take place
  3. You will need to join the discord community, in order to make claims you must have a discord username.
  4. You will need to register on their website for the actual claims process.

For those that don’t know. The concept of Universal coin is simple and works much like a Universal Income. Anyone is free to make a claim during distributions. People that make claims get to split the total distribution evenly. This time around it is one claim per person on their website. In the past it was as many claims as you wanted within a time period on an app. This new method avoids scammers and cheaters as much as possible. It is also more fair, less time consuming, and user friendly. I have a lot of faith in this project. It is a fantastic wealth creation experiment. I look forward to the future. The wider the reach of the project the more beneficial it could be to everyone involved.

They are just finishing up with testing. Everything is working well. In addition, the community is growing strong. The developers are responsive and communicate well. They are also open to feedback.

Join the community on Discord

Get registered on their Website

Follow them on Twitterto stay alerted to upcoming distributions.

And let’s all get our share!



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