Anyone with a bunch of common sense knows that there are a lot of assholes amongst the top 1% of our societies.

But I wonder why the top 1% attracts so many assholes of all types, far & wide. What makes the privileged masses essentially “Asshole Central?”

Really, I thought these stuck-up, self-centered plutocrats would learn from the examples of countless other asshole socialites throughout socioeconomic history to FINALLY realize & think that:

“Hey, maybe being a self-centered, stuck-up rich asshole is a bad idea after all. We should find better, more agreeable ways to foster goodwill and charity toward one another, help those on the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder move their way up, and consider the needs and feelings of others before ourselves.”

After all, isn't assholery the sign of insufficient wisdom; the inability to learn from the mistakes of others, and of course their own pasts?

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