I speak with a lot of people who are worried about being greedy, or appearing to be greedy, and other people who are think there is something wrong with them because after they attain a goal they become bored and dissatisfied.

In both of these cases I give them the same answer: We are not designed to be satisfied.

We are natural-born creators. Creating is what we are here to do.

The universe is constantly in cycles of destruction, creation, and evolution. New forms are constantly being born out of the old ones, and everything in the universe, including us, is a part of that process.

Plants just grow. Animals follow their instincts. We, however, are self-conscious, so we're aware of this evolutionary drive within us. It comes to us through our inner desires. That's how we sense it. There are certain things that you are supposed to be creating that are supposed to be born through you. There are things that we as individuals are supposed to be changing, and doing, and those are our natural inner desires.

An important aspect of this evolutionary process is that it's never-ending. The universe doesn't just say ‘Ok, I've reached my goal and now nothing else is changing’. It's constantly and continually evolving, and so are we.

So it is a natural process that once we have fulfilled one of our inner desires, once we've created it in the world, that this desire leaves us, because it's fulfilled. And then it's naturally going to be replaced by another inner desire. This new desire could be in a totally different direction, or it could be bigger, and greater.

The more you actually do fulfill your goals, and do create what is within you, the more new desires you will get, and this is what spurs us on to keep going keep living, and keep creating.

When you reach a goal and then don't pay attention to your new desires, and you just say ‘Oh this was supposed to be it, I was just supposed to create one thing’, then yes you're going to start feeling depressed. You're going to start feeling unfulfilled. You're going to start feeling bored, because you're not continuing to fulfill your purpose.

You have unique things in you that only you are here to create, and the faster you create them, the faster they're going to be replaced by new desires. And the faster you create those new desires, the faster they'll be replaced by new bigger and better desires. This is how we evolve ourselves. This is how we evolve the world around us, and this is how the universe evolves.

This is a natural process, and this is not greed. Greed is about taking from others, and making sure others don't have. What we're talking about is creating. Bringing value to the world. Putting good, hopefully, into the world. And the more value you bring into the world, the more you will be rewarded.

Remain at Choice,


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